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melissa mileto

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As a self-taught chef and restaurateur, I enter my profession as a food stylist with a well-rounded culinary perspective. Coming from the fast-paced and sometimes chaotic environment of a restaurant, I approach the contained space of a photoshoot with intention and focus. Similarly to plating a dish in a restaurant kitchen, styling a dish for a photo takes precision, creativity, organization, and passion. Layering color, texture, and flavor is the way to ensure the product or plate comes through to the consumer, customer, or, in this case, client. Gaining knowledge of lighting, placement and perspective has been a challenge moving into the field of food photography, where taste is not always the ultimate the goal. With taste being  a necessary  element as a chef, look and feel is the main ask or demand for a food stylist. Making food look as good or better than it tastes.


Throughout my culinary journey, I have learned that creativity is what drives me and editorial styling gives me the freedom to let my work shine. Telling a story through my artistry is what turns a great photo to a dynamic statement.One which may help sell a product but also may highlight the beauty of the food, the subject and the overall emotion I am trying to convey.


Moving forward, I will continue to enmesh the two worlds of creativity and advertising to not only satiate my needs for beauty and artistry but to meet the professional expectations of my clients.

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